Fly-A-Way: a board game to save migratory birds

Interview with Simon Vincent Download PDF Fly-A-Way is a brand new board game created by the team at Playlogue Creations.[1] In it, players are conservationists helping out birds in their migration across one of the world’s largest flyway.[2] The birds will face many dangers, so the players will have to make sure these critters complete theirContinue reading “Fly-A-Way: a board game to save migratory birds”

The Landing: Gallipoli 1915 — Recreating a historical World War I battle as a solo tabletop game

Interview with Joe Schmidt Download PDF The Landing: Gallipoli 1915 is a new tabletop game published by Catastrophe Games LLC.[1] The company’s motto is “Historical games made differently”.[2] That, plus the fact that their new game is about a very specific and generally little-known battle of World War I,[3] got our History sense tingling. So,Continue reading “The Landing: Gallipoli 1915 — Recreating a historical World War I battle as a solo tabletop game”

SuperAves: a collectible card game about bird biodiversity

Luis Francisco Gonzaga & Viviana Borges Corte Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo. Vitória, ES, Brazil. Emails: luispof (at) gmail (dot) com; viviana.borges (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF The idea of making a game about the birds of the UFES (Federal University of Espírito Santo, in southeast Brazil) campus was a sum of long-brewing factors.Continue reading “SuperAves: a collectible card game about bird biodiversity”

Wingspan: how birds colonized board games

Interview with Elizabeth Hargrave Download PDF Wingspan is a game entirely about birds and it has been a wonderful surprise, being considered one of the hottest titles for 2019[1]. This is the first game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave, published by Stonemaier Games, and will be available in March this year. In this game, the playersContinue reading “Wingspan: how birds colonized board games”