Shadows of stained glass: an analytical look at animated horror

Nalin Bhardwaj University of California, San Diego, CA, USA. Email: nalinbhardwaj (at) nibnalin (dot) me Download PDF One of my favorite “things of beauty” are stained glass windows. By themselves, they contain intricate works of art with vivid color palettes that overlay silhouettes of the outside world. They’re like a dreamy, imaginative capture of theContinue reading “Shadows of stained glass: an analytical look at animated horror”

The heritage futurism of Blade Runner: 2049

Andrew Reinhard Department of Archaeology, University of York. York, United Kingdom. Email: adr520 (at) york (dot) ac (dot) uk Download PDF Blade Runner: 2049 (Columbia Pictures/ Warner Bros.) is the most archaeological film I have ever seen, and even though it features neither excavation nor rugged men in hats punching Nazis, it is possibly theContinue reading “The heritage futurism of Blade Runner: 2049”