Floral gigantism in the Pokémon world

Lucas C. Marinho1 & Liming Cai2 1 Departamento de Biologia, Universidade Federal do Maranhão, São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil. Email: lc.marinho (at) ufma (dot) br 2 Department of Botany & Plant Sciences, University of California, Riverside, California, USA. Email: limingc (at) ucr (dot) edu Download PDF With more than 260,000 species, flowering plants represent one ofContinue reading “Floral gigantism in the Pokémon world”

The biological basis of Marvel Comics mutants

Damián E. Pérez Instituto Patagónico de Geología y Paleontología (IPGP CCT CONICET- CENPAT), Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina. E-mail: trophon (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF “Feared and hated by a world they have sworn to protect” is the catchphrase always present in nearly all comics of Marvel’s mutants, the X-Men. This phrase was coined byContinue reading “The biological basis of Marvel Comics mutants”

Bird biodiversity in heavy metal songs

Henrique M. Soares1, João V. Tomotani2, Barbara M. Tomotani3 & Rodrigo B. Salvador3 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, MA, U.S.A. 2 Escola Politécnica, Universidade de São Paulo. São Paulo, SP, Brazil. 3 Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Wellington, New Zealand. Emails: hemagso( at) gmail (dot) com; t.jvitor (at) gmail (dot) com; babi.mtContinue reading “Bird biodiversity in heavy metal songs”

You’re an oegopsid now: the phylogeny of squid kids from the future

Henry N. Thomas University of California, Berkeley, CA, U.S.A. Email: h.thomas (at) berkeley (dot) edu Download PDF The main characters of Nintendo’s 2015 video game Splatoon and its 2017 sequel Splatoon 2 are Inklings, a species of sapient cephalopod with the ability to transform between a humanoid form and a more traditional coleoid form. AlsoContinue reading “You’re an oegopsid now: the phylogeny of squid kids from the future”