Moa v Superman

Rodrigo B. Salvador Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Wellington, New Zealand. Email: salvador.rodrigo.b (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF During his heroic career Superman fought several foes. Some of these stories are truly memorable, like The Death of Superman (1992–1993), when he faced Doomsday. But many stories just ended up completely forgotten. Granted,Continue reading “Moa v Superman”

Ants in the Ant-Man movie, with biological notes

Elidiomar R. Da-Silva* & Thiago R. M. de Campos Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. *Email: elidiomar (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF Belonging to the family Formicidae (order Hymenoptera), ants are cosmopolitan insects, inhabiting all kinds of terrestrial environments, except the arctic, with nearly 10,000 known species.Continue reading “Ants in the Ant-Man movie, with biological notes”

Impossible possibilities: a super-runner’s speed limit

Gabriel K. Kiyohara Independent researcher. São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Email: gabriel.kiyohara (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF Super heroes: their attitudes and honor codes make them heroes; their extraordinary abilities make them super. Such abilities may be believable, based on mundane training and technology but, more often than not, they surpass not only human limits, butContinue reading “Impossible possibilities: a super-runner’s speed limit”

Why (and how) Superman hides behind glasses: the difficulties of face matching

Kay L. Ritchie1,2 & Robin S. S. Kramer1 1 Department of Psychology, University of York, York, UK. 2 School of Psychology, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK. Emails: kritchie (at) lincoln (dot) ac (dot) uk; remarknibor (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF As a mild-mannered reporter, Clark Kent is able to blend into human society without drawing much attentionContinue reading “Why (and how) Superman hides behind glasses: the difficulties of face matching”