Pokécrustacea: the crustacean-inspired Pokémon

Rafael M. Rosa, Daniel C. Cavallari & Ana L. Vera-Silva Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo. Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil. Emails: rafaelmassonrosa (at) usp (dot) br; dccavallari (at) usp (dot) br; ana_luiza_vera (at) hotmail (dot) com Download PDF Crustaceans are a large and incredibly diverse group of veryContinue reading “Pokécrustacea: the crustacean-inspired Pokémon”

The biological basis of Marvel Comics mutants

Damián E. Pérez Instituto Patagónico de Geología y Paleontología (IPGP CCT CONICET- CENPAT), Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina. E-mail: trophon (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF “Feared and hated by a world they have sworn to protect” is the catchphrase always present in nearly all comics of Marvel’s mutants, the X-Men. This phrase was coined byContinue reading “The biological basis of Marvel Comics mutants”

Beyond Blue: a game backed by real science

Interview with Mandy Joye Download PDF Beyond Blue is a new multiplatform indie game by E-Line Media.[1] The game is set in the near future, and you explore the ocean as part of a new research team. During your dives, you can see and interact with the marine fauna. One of the most interesting thingsContinue reading “Beyond Blue: a game backed by real science”

Shadows of stained glass: an analytical look at animated horror

Nalin Bhardwaj University of California, San Diego, CA, USA. Email: nalinbhardwaj (at) nibnalin (dot) me Download PDF One of my favorite “things of beauty” are stained glass windows. By themselves, they contain intricate works of art with vivid color palettes that overlay silhouettes of the outside world. They’re like a dreamy, imaginative capture of theContinue reading “Shadows of stained glass: an analytical look at animated horror”

The One Born of Fire: a pterosaurological analysis of Rodan

Henry N. Thomas University of California, Berkeley, USA. Email: h.thomas (at) berkeley (dot) edu Download PDF Rodan is a giant monster, or kaiju, created by Toho Studios (Tokyo, Japan). First appearing in 1956 in its own movie (aptly named Rodan), the monster has since become strongly associated with the Godzilla franchise (Fig. 1). Rodan hasContinue reading “The One Born of Fire: a pterosaurological analysis of Rodan”

What’s your favourite Pokémon? Pocket monster popularity reflects interest in real-world Biology

Justine Le Vaillant Department of Evolutionary Ecology, Estación Biológica de Doñana (CSIC), Seville, Spain. Email: justine0le.vaillant (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF Tell me what Pokémon you like, and I will tell you who you are. Each person is different and has different tastes, and within all the diversity of Pokémon, everyone, independent of gender,Continue reading “What’s your favourite Pokémon? Pocket monster popularity reflects interest in real-world Biology”

Svoboda 1945: life after World War II

Interview with Vít Šisler Download PDF Svoboda 1945[1] is a game in development by indie studio Charles Games (Prague, Czech Republic). It is scheduled for release later in 2020. In this game, you will live in a small town in the Czechoslovak-German border, right after World War II is over. The region is marked byContinue reading “Svoboda 1945: life after World War II”

Killer animals in films: reality vs fiction

Luciano L. Rasia División Paleontología Vertebrados, Museo de La Plata, La Plata, Argentina. Email: lucianorasia (at) fcnym (dot) unlp (dot) edu (dot) ar Download PDF Among horror, drama, action, and sci-fi films, the subgenre of killer animals has been exploited since the very beginnings of cinema (e.g., The Sea Beast from 1926, and King KongContinue reading “Killer animals in films: reality vs fiction”

Fossil Pokémon and the foibles of Paleontology

Rodrigo B. Salvador Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Wellington, New Zealand. Email: salvador.rodrigo.b (at) gmail (dot) com Download PDF Paleontology is the scientific study of life in the geologic past, which is visible to us today in the form of fossils. It studies the evolution and diversity of life throughout the entire historyContinue reading “Fossil Pokémon and the foibles of Paleontology”

Project Hospital: a realistic take on hospital simulation

Interview with Jan Beneš Download PDF Project Hospital[1] is a game developed by indie studio Oxymoron games (Prague, Czech Republic). In it, you build and manage every single detail of your own hospital – and you can diagnose and treat patients as well! Launched in 2018 on Steam, the game features a wealth of real-world-basedContinue reading “Project Hospital: a realistic take on hospital simulation”